Wholesale Turkish Towels

We are Wholesaler and Manufacturer of Peshtemal Fouta Turkish Towel Beach Towels (Pestemal Peştemal Hamam Hammam). Wholesale Turkish Towels from Turkey Factory. We have towels for beach, bath and kitchen occasions, we also carry throw blankets as well as beach bags, robes, round beach towels and kids ponchos, surf ponchos.

Ofer Dis Ticaret Limited Sirketi (Ofer International) We are an export oriented company mainly focused cotton made textiles. We enjoy using high quality Aegean Turkish Cotton in our Pestemal towels. These towels are also known as Turkish Towel, Pestamal, Peshtemal, Fouta, Hamam or Hammam towel. Ofer International has established comparatively long & stable relations with many companies in more than tens of countries and regions all over the world. By consistently adhering the principles of “best quality , punctual shipment & competitive price as well as” honoring its contract, mounting commercial integrity Ofer International has gained confidence and high opinion from industrial and commercial circles at home and abroad on its sound commercial prestige and high quality performance.

We are producing with our own label as well as OEM private labels for our customers. We also have an option of different type of packaging. We are Turkish Towel Wholesaler Manufacturer Peshtemal Pestemal Peştemal Fouta Hamam Hammam Wholesale Turkish Beach Towels Peshtemal Wholesaler Factory.We are currently exporting more than 50 countries which are United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Nicaragua, Maldives, Seychelles, Chile, Peru, Brasil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Spain, Portugal, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungry, Croatia, Serbia, Estonia, Russia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Senegal, India, Cayman Island, Czech Republic, Poland, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Bulgaria, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon, Norway, Greece, Turks and Caicos, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Togo, Costa Rica, Gibraltar.

Worldwide Delivery

We are currently exporting to over 50 countries across the globe. We have an international approach and experienced team for long term business.

best raw materials

We are using following raw materials for the best quality. Organic Cotton, Fair trade sourced cotton yarns, modal, linen fiber yarns.

ready stock

Following products are always in stock for fast shipments. Peshtemal, Turkish towels, Robes, Beach bags, Kids Ponchos, Surf Ponchos.

Wholesale Turkish Towels